About Us

Bill Reynolds
President & CEO

Thirty years of operational vector control experience, droplet evaluation, drift, originator or co-originator of numerous technology patents.

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Mike Reynolds

Twenty eight years of experience developing business, marketing plans and implementing projects with clients; to include project management, coordinating proposals, programmers, implementation, system managers, sales, service, support and training.

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Piper Kimball
Vector & Ag Biologist

Seventeen years’ experience in mosquito & vector work, thirteen years’ experience in zoo and exotic animal medicine. Ability to design and direct various scientific projects from concept to completion.

David Davis, PMP
Project Manager

Certified PMI, Project Manager, senior customer facing technology manager, skilled in all phases of delivering projects on time, on budget and consistently exceeding customer expectations. Skills include management, software, hardware, team leadership and use of management tools and techniques.


Greg Parrow
Software Engineer/ Architect

Extensive experience and proficiency in multiple applications and languages. Strong abilities in custom programming, customer service.

Allan McCormick
Software Engineer

Twenty-four years in software development, managing projects with clients, implementation of systems, service, support and training.

Carlos Gonzalez
Hardware Engineer

Hardware and installation engineering skills. Over twenty years associated with the vector control industry.

Vishal Patel
Software Engineer

Twelve years of experience in all phases of software application architecture, development and integration, encompassing the full life cycle of an organization’s project in various industries. Strong analytical, technical and communication skills.

Ritesh Pandya
Software Engineer

Fourteen years of IT experience, senior IT professional with vast experience in design, architecture definition and software development of mission critical applications for large scales customers. Extensive experience in providing technology solutions in various industry domains.

Hemang Patel
Software Engineer

Key accounts manager and developer responsible for software development and deployment. Designed and developed of eCommerce, content management, social networking and mobile applications using Google Maps API, PHP, MySQL, Java, .NET, Linux, Oracle and IBM technologies.

Bill German
Advisory Board

With many years of vector, engineering, environment sciences, marketing and brand experience Bill provides product, marketing, branding, distribution and sales strategies to Leading Edge.

Buz Reynolds
Advisory Board

Twenty-three years in military service, highlights include developed the Army’s Communications Security Program, Electronic Counter Measures Program and procurement plans for each. Provides strategic, tactical and advisory guidance to Leading Edge Associates, Inc. as Advisor Board member.

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Allen Wooldridge

With more than 50 years in the mosquito control industry, Allen provides valuable insights as a Board member to Leading Edge Associates.