Vector control is vital to the health and well-being of all individuals throughout the United States. Public health agencies that support mosquito disease surveillance and control programs are continually evolving to integrate and incorporate new technology that makes these programs more effective and efficient. With over a hundred years’ of experience and knowledge in IVM (Integrated Vector Management), Leading Edge Associates’ product portfolio brings technology and science together to help agencies achieve their goal.


According to the National Agriculture Aviation Association: “Agricultural aviation is an important part of the overall aviation and agriculture industries. The industry consists of small businesses and pilots that use aircraft to aid farmers in producing a safe, affordable and abundant supply of food, fiber and biofuel. Aerial applicators protect forestry and play an important role in protecting the public by combating mosquitoes carrying West Nile Virus, encephalitis and other diseases.” Leading Edge Associates provides unique technology products that seamlessly integrate multiple disciplines of an aerial application business. From geospatial GIS work management systems to GPS recording systems in the aircraft to real-time asset tracking and accounting, technologies developed by Leading Edge Associates address these challenges with cost-effective and efficient innovative solutions.


The operational use of Remote Piloted Aircraft (RPA) also known as UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle), UAS (unmanned aerial system) and drones are rapidly becoming part of emerging aerial technology, particularly in the past few years. Leading Edge Associates has been investing in the design and manufacturing of several RPA platforms for application of adulticides, larvacides and multi-spectral imaging for use in field surveillance specifically for vector control, agriculture, forestry and golf course industries.  Visit our Projects page for recent successes stories.


Leading Edge provides consulting services across numerous industries to include the Vector, Agricultural, Forestry and Pest Control industries. The focus of our consulting services is to bring greater efficiencies and processes to the marketplace with custom solutions offered through our technologies.

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Leading Edge Associates is dedicated to providing our clients with expertise and knowledge gained from numerous years of experience in the vector control, agriculture and forestry industries. Our goal is to offer advanced technologies, solutions and services which make these industries more efficient, productive and cost-effective.

Bill Reynolds
President & CEO

Thirty years of operational vector control experience, droplet evaluation, drift, originator or co-originator of numerous technology patents.

breynolds@leateam.com V-CARD
Mike Reynolds

Twenty eight years of experience developing business, marketing plans and implementing projects with clients; to include project management, coordinating proposals, programmers, implementation, system managers, sales, service, support and training.

mreynolds@leateam.com V-CARD
Piper Kimball
Vector & Ag Biologist

Seventeen years’ experience in mosquito & vector work, thirteen years’ experience in zoo and exotic animal medicine. Ability to design and direct various scientific projects from concept to completion.

piper@leateam.com V-CARD
David Davis, PMP
Project Manager

Certified PMI, Project Manager, senior customer facing technology manager, skilled in all phases of delivering projects on time, on budget and consistently exceeding customer expectations. Skills include management, software, hardware, team leadership and use of management tools and techniques.

ddavis@leateam.com V-CARD